Hello, I'm Wally Cash. I'm a simple guy trying to make some sense of a complex world. I live with my wife on the coast of Virginia. We share our home with two senior male Ragdoll cats.

I enjoy nature, tennis, running, cycling, cooking, original Twilight Zone episodes, DIY electronics and Guinness Draught. I once had a pair of pet homing pigeons and enjoy watching birds. I've hiked hundreds of miles of the of the Appalachian Trail.

I'm a hacker at heart and have done a fair amount of programming over the years in a disparate array of languages from Forth and Perl to Lisp and Erlang and am a Sun Microsystems (acquired by Oracle) certified Java programmer.

To help keep a roof over my head and my feet on the ground I work with an outstanding cast of colorful characters for a great company, BlueKnight Energy Partners.

I tend to avoid the social media and maintain nothing more than a token presence there.

Finally, and I've been asked this countless times, I AM NOT related to Johnny, though I do like his music...